Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Unusual Cake Tools

A couple of months ago I organised all my cakey items and tools into drawers and there is one particular drawer that people are always surprised to see - the drawer of tools. I'm not talking about cake decorating tools, but more like tools that you would usually associate with hardware and building supplies.

So I thought I'd give everyone a sneak peek into my 'tool' drawer :)

It's got ribbons and glue which is to be expected but it's also got a handful of more unusual items in there. Before cake decorating I don't think I have even needed to step into a hardware store. Now I'm in there at least once a month.

So what else is in there? 

- My favourite glue gun which I can't do any major cakes without
- Secateurs (which was on of the best investments I've ever made) - cuts all my dowels and center poles with a single snip!
- Pliers to bend wires
- Skewers for figurines
- Face mask for me to wear during airbrushing and styrofoam carving
- Metal sheet cutter for metal and thick wires
- Measuring tape
- Mini saw for cutting stryofoam
- Grater/ Shaver and sandpaper for styrofoam carving
- Drill (not pictured) - do you know I've never used a drill in my life until I started doing big cakes?

Wow, years ago I would never have thought I would need all these to create cakes.  Hmmm, maybe in the future you'll find me blogging about metal pipes, motors and LED lights :P

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Launch of Classes in Singapore

Guess what everyone? I'm excited to announce that I will be officially running cake decorating classes in Singapore this December! I was toying with the idea on my last trip back and decided that since I will be heading back to Singapore this Christmas to spend time with my family, I'd try running classes in Singapore.

I must admit, the initial task was pretty daunting. Cupcakes would have been the easier option (for me) but everyone who emailed me all asked about cakes. 

At this point I was getting a little stressed on how I will bring back all my tools for all the students. Let me tell you, there are quite a lot of tools, icing and chocolate involved which I would need to fly back with me.

Then I came across Bake King... my hero! They rent out their cooking school class rooms and have offered to supply everything I need. I was so happy :)

They have just listed my classes on their website yesterday and I've been told it's already getting a good response. Oh, I am so excited to get to meet everyone :) I am still a little nervous! Teaching away from my comfort zone, with new tools and a new climate... yikes. I'm sure it'll be great fun, I'm just a worry wort :P

So if you know of anyone in Singapore who'd be interested, help me spread the word. There are 2 class dates on offer - the 15th of December and 26th of December.

This class will be run differently from the usual classes. I will be catering for all levels so students will get a chance to choose to do a square or round cake and also create your own simple design on the cake. And I will also be demonstrating how to stack a 2 tier cake... So lots of learning outcomes from this little class!

Hope to be able to meet some of you :)

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