Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some of my favourite things...

I've been pretty busy lately and I know my little blog has been feeling neglected. So, I've decided to compile a bunch of my favourite photos taken recently... enjoy the eye candy for now and I'll be back next week with some more exciting stuff :)

I love cakes like these because they are truly unique and no one else will ever have a design like this. The little birthday girl loves cherries and strawberries and the Birds Eye commercial. Hence the little birds and fruit :)

I'm not usually a fan of orange but I am loving how it looks with the pinks :)

Made by my cousin... I've been training her up lately ;) How cute do they look?

Natalie with her finished present box creation

Sharon with her little present box. These girls did a fantastic job at the workshop!

Angela and Christine's finished Tiffany inspired cupcakes from the designer cupcake workshop. Read about their day here.

And just a little sneak peak of things to come this week ;)


nikolina100 said...

how wonderful!! Every single one of them is adorable!

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Oooo so pretty. I really like the look of the first cake. Magnificent! Man... I wish I was making cakes for a living (minus all the headaches)

Grimmy said...

All gorgeous!! I think the first is my fave though!! How do you get such sharp corners on your fondant?

Jennifer Richins said...

Love the first cake! And the white flowers at the end are gorgeous!

Ladybird said...

Beautiful as always Sharon, and the girls did a fantastic job on their creations!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with those beautiful roses :)

Sharon said...

Thank you Nikolina!

Phuoc - cakes for a living is fun! sure there are a few headaches but it's mostly fun and rewarding :D

Grimmy - Thanks! The sharp corners are all in how you set up the cake. The ganache needs to have sharp corners underneath the rolled icing and I just used the smoothers on top of the rolled icing to help get the sharp corners.... hth!

Jennifer - Thank you! wait till you see what the flowers are attached to :) It's my favourite cake yet (big call I know!)

Anna - Thank you! I saw your Alice in Wonderland cupcakes too, you've done so well :)

Hilary Cam said...

Your sugar flowers are just delightful! It must be hard for people to cut your cakes, they are just soooooo gorgeous!

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