Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Isla's Tea Party

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a tea party to welcome little Isla. Although she was only about 2 and a half months old, she was so alert and curious about all the people around here. Her little toes were also smaller than the jelly beans! How cute :)

There was lots of little foods courtesy of the boyfriend and of course a table filled with plenty of sweet treats.

The invite...

Little Isla in her pretty green dress.

Mini fetta and cherry tomato tarts

 Mini pizzas

The dessert table, filled with lots of yummy goodies!

Vanilla bean and caramel panna cotta


Many of us have not seen each other for years, so it was a great time to catch up and hang out again. It's funny how fast time seems to fly... when you realise you have not seen in other in 3 - 5 years, it makes you wonder what you've been up to! I guess in this generation with social networking sites and emails, you don't actually feel like you've lost touch or really missed the person. Especially people who like to update their profiles with a play by play detail of what they are doing ;) 

Bye bye panna cotta

Custom cups, just for Isla


I have to mention a special thank you to Eat Drink Chic. Amy Moss is such a talented designer and I love reading her blog for inspiration. The templates from this tea party were all from her DIY ice cream party, I've just changed the colours around a little.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


Alberta Leong said...

Lovely tea party setting! Good job! :D

nikolina100 said...

wow! it looks so very pretty! really lovely details :D

katieskitchen said...


Where is the jar from?

Mandee said...

What a gorgeous party! All of your desserts look amazing :)

Sharon said...

Thanks Alberta, Nikolina and Mandee! I have to learn more about portion control next time... we made too much of some desserts and not enough of others.

Katie, I got the jar from the House store at the Rhodes shopping centre. But you can also buy them online from here:

Rose said...

Oh gosh, everything looks completely perfect! You did such an amazing job, and Isla looks like a little princess.


Jennifer Richins said...

The food looks amazing. And I love all the rolls on little Isla's arms. How precious.

Jeremy said...

We were really taken aback by how amazing the whole set up was, there was so much detail involved in everything, it was a visual spectacular.

This setup would work so well for a Christening or Birthday party for a little child and even if we’d had to pay a fortune it would have been worth every cent!

Lucky us we got to take the cake home – Banana cake with the BEST ganache and icing layers. Good thing roly poly Isla bear didn’t need any, more for Papa :-)

Thank you, these Creations are just getting better and better!

Jeremy said...

Forgot to add how good the panna cotta was, incredible! And the marshmallows too.

And the cupcakes!

Ah it was all fantastic (and the portion control was perfect - desserts should always take preference over every other course!)

Rachel said...

So cute and pretty! Looks like a lot of fun! I love throwing parties, the setting up and making it look fancy is my favorite part. :-)

Where did you get that wooden tree you hung the cookies on? I have been visualizing something like that for the dessert table at my wedding.

Phuoc said...

Oh how cute is Isla!

Also, what a wonderful job you did there! Everything looked fantastic! You're so talented! Love the tree with biscuit leaves and ladybug :) Mind you, the pannacotta looks AMAZING! I'm stealing this idea to make it next time..

Anonymous said...

hi sharon,

was wondering what size cupcake wrappers you use? i've seen some sold in 500 packs which seem the most economical, but wasn't sure if the 50mm or 55mm base would fit perfectly in my 12 cup muffin tin from woolies. are those the ones you use?


katieskitchen said...

Thanks Sharon! I really appreciate it x

Sharon said...

Thank you Jennifer and Rose! Isla was so adorable :)

Jeremy, thank you for coming! I'm glad you guys had fun!

Rachel, I know what you mean. I love all the little details. As for the tree, I got it at Hart and Heim, but seeing as you are in the US you can check out their website:

Phuoc, the cookies are my favourite too!

Judy, I'm not too sure about the size of my base, because I base it off the cupcake wrapper size the company uses... My pans are from Coles but I'm sure the woolies one is the same too. I'll check out the size for you when I get home in about 3 weeks. Drop me an email if I forget!

Sharon said...

Hi Judy, sorry I forgot about the cupcake wrappers! The base is 5.5cm wide and the top is 7cm wide. It's the 700 size (if you are referring to the 500 bulk packs)

Hope that helps :)

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