Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cupcake on Cupcake Cake

I know I have said before that I like when clients give me creative freedom with my cakes... well, I have discovered that there is such a thing as too much creative freedom. Last week a super talented photographer friend of mine asked 'do you have time to make me and my friend a birthday cake?'

'Yes, what kind of cake would you like?' I asked.

'Just something simple. Surprise me'

??? Where was I supposed to start? What flavour? What design?
hmmm, my mind was racing everywhere thinking about all the possibilities!

After a few more questions, he became a little more specific, 'as long as there is no green or brown.... and pink'. He took away some of my favourite colours to work with - green and pink :(

So finally I decided to do something I've been thinking of for awhile now... a cupcake stack cake. I supposed this is not really 'simple' like he wanted but he did say to surprise him. I thought for ages about the colours for the cake.

I know there are a lot more colours out there other than green, pink and brown, but now that
I've been told I can't use them, I wanted to so badly! :P Plus, I also had to find colours that would suit both a male and female (he was sharing his birthday with a female friend)... so finally I decided on primary colours... red, yellow and blue, which ended up working out well :)

Cupcake on cupcake... it was chocolate mud with white chocolate Baileys ganache inside.

And on to something totally unrelated... I just wanted to give you all a
sneak peek of what I have been doing during the last couple of weeks...

I can't write about the details yet and am only able to post 1 or 2 photos but I loved the photos so much I had to share :) These were taken by Nick (above mentioned talented photographer friend :) ) with his super cool camera.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Cupcake Workshop :)

Last weekend I got to meet 2 of the loveliest girls. I had my 3rd cupcake work shop with Jacqui and Anna who were not only fantastic and talented but were also so much fun to get along with.

The girls decided on a spring theme and when they arrived we started brainstorming some ideas, looking at colour palettes and then sketching some rough concepts. It was decided that they will be making some bees, flowers, ducks, birds, bunnies and ladybugs (everything which just represents cuteness and spring :) ). Anna was most excited about the ladybugs as she just loves them (her blog is called the diary of a ladybug after all!)

Covering their cupcake with spring colours...

Putting the details on the figurines...

Lots of care and attention to detail... Look at how small Anna made her little duckling!

Quck quack!

One of the final cupcake sets....

Anna and Jacqui were such naturals and created the little figurines in their own style and it was so fantastic seeing their sketches turn into sugar reality :) To read about the day they had from Anna's perspective, check out her blog - Diary of a Ladybird. Anna had contacted me about a month ago and in her blog she mentions how she and Jacqui counted down the days till my cupcake workshop, I'm so flattered!

Anna and Jacqui and their finished creations

haven't really been doing cupcake classes officially (I've only been running them when people email me) but I think I might start promoting it officially on my website. Until then, if you are interested in classes, please feel free to email me to find out more or to register your interest.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cookie Mania and My 2nd Cupcake Workshop

Today is the first day I've had a chance to have some down time... so I thought I'd take this time to blog a little :)

There is a bit of catching up to do so this post will be a little summary of everything that has been happening in the last couple of weeks....

A lovely girl Sarah contacted me last month about a cupcake class for her and her 3 friends after seeing the post about Brian's class. They came over last weekend and spent the afternoon creating 12 cupcakes of their own, each one was different and they had a heap of fun :)

Planning out ideas...

It was so nice seeing the girls enjoying themselves! They started out working really carefully on the first few cupcakes but as time ran out hands were flying everywhere, rolling pins being passed around like crazy and the creative juices started flowing under pressure :) They made some lovely cupcakes and I hope the lucky people they shared them with appreciated all the hard work that went into them :)

Then it was cookie mania...

Some wedding cookies...

Baby shower cookies

And a great idea for a table center piece, one for each guest :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashion cupcakes and a Racing Car cake

I love it when clients give me creative freedom. And last week I got 2 of those orders :)

The first one was for sweet Jess, who wanted cupcakes for her friend's birthday. She sent me lots of photos of what her friend Wendy likes and basically asked me to design a set around all that. I was also told that Wendy liked fashion, frills, and dark colours and so we decided to stick with black, white and silver as the set colours...

The little high heel cupcake...

This one really tested my patience! The little silver balls were so tiny that they each had to be stuck on with tweezers. And every time I slipped, the little balls went flying everywhere!

Hope Wendy had a great birthday and enjoyed the cupcakes :)

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Leah also contacted me to order a Roary the racing car for her little boy's 3rd birthday. She was wonderful to deal with (don't get me wrong, all my clients are!). I wanted to do something slightly different to a typical race track cake, so I decided to taper the side of the cake downwards to resemble a race track on the ramp... Here was my very sloppy concept sketch...

And what type of cake would be most suitable for a 3 year old? A rainbow one of course! Here's a peek at the carved cake :)

Which turned into...

The cake was picked up early so I had to snap some pictures in the morning... somehow every time I take morning photos, they always have a blue tinge to them... I don't know why :( If anyone knows how to fix it let me know! I've tried everything I can think of on my humble camera :/

Anyways, the cake was enjoyed by Leah's cute little boy and 10 of his friends. Here is such a cute picture of him and the cake and here he is playing with little sugar Roary :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2009

The great thing about the internet is that you get access to a wealth of knowledge and get to know a whole bunch of people you would have otherwise never have met.

A while ago, Lilia from My Sweethearts Bakery contacted me about doing a joint activity for RSPCA cupcake day (Aug 17th) after seeing the post on my blog. In the middle of planning something, we got contacted by the RSPCA to make cupcakes for their media kits they will be sending out a week before the actual Cupcake Day. So instead we channeled or efforts into baking 300 cupcakes each for the RSPCA media kits.

The RSPCA Cupcake Set

So exactly how long do 300 cupcakes take to bake? Waaaay too long considering that my humble oven can only take 24 at a time! But luckily I had the boyfriend to help out with some of the baking. About 300 little figurines were also created for the cupcakes which took a good 10 - 12 hours to do. Then another 9 hours to cover the cupcakes and put it all together! Thank goodness I had my cousin over who helped me with some of the decorations!

I didn't have time to take good photos so please excuse the bad lighting :)

At the end of this RSPCA baking journey I was exhausted but also made a great new friend, Lilia :) It's always nice to meet people who share the same passion and hobbies as you do :)

There's still more to come but for now I'll leave you all with more pictures of the RSPCA cupcakes :)

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