Friday, February 27, 2009

Wee Love Baking!

Welcome to my new blog… All the old posts are still here and I will be using this space to show case any new ideas/creations.

Watch this space...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate Mud Sushi with Lychee Roe

It’s a weird post title I know. But I work for a food company and a couple of weeks ago during our induction program, they brought us into the test kitchen and we got to meet one of the chefs. He talked about the trends in food and mentioned the fastest growing trend at the moment: Molecular Gastronomy. He demonstrated this by turning eggs, oil and orange juice into a light fluffy foam just by putting it into a canister, shaking it hard and letting some gas mix with it. I was fascinated!

So I did some research and stumbled onto a type of molecular gastronomy called Spherification/ sferificacion
… it’s basically the controlled gelification of a liquid which, submerged in a bath (of chemicals), forms spheres. Check out this You Tube video for a better explanation.

I was so excited to try this (imagine the possibilities of making your own jelly balls!), but also nervous about having to work with the chemicals. The Red Spoon Company sells a
Spherification/ sferificacion kit and I was about to buy it until I stumbled across the Sticky Fingers blog.

It talks about how to basically create the same effect without the chemicals. The only difference is that the spheres won’t resemble a sac of liquid, but instead it will be like little balls of jelly (looks the same though).

I’ve always wanted to make ‘sweet sushi’ and have always been stumped about how to make the ‘roe’ until I saw this method. So I tried it out this weekend and ta-da! I present to you, chocolate mud sushi with lychee roe.

I used juice like the recipe suggested but the jelly didn’t have any flavour after it was made, maybe because each little sphere was so small… so I think the next time I’m going to try a concentrate like a cordial mix to get a stronger flavour. I also used a dropper instead of a syringe (it was all I had available) so some of the 'roe' is a bit misshaped because the jelly started hardening as I was making it. Can't wait to try this again :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paris Inspiration

I stumbled across this blog the other day and fell in love with all the pictures and style:

One of the many beautiful pictures from

Alix’s a French designer and has the most amazing photos which just make you feel all sweet and fuzzy inside (if that is possible).

I was in Paris last year and loved every moment of it. The architecture was beautiful and the pastries even better, they were like works of art! And the taste… yuuuuummmm. There was this one bakery which was so tiny but always had a line out the door every time we walked past. Everything was so pretty and colourful…

So many eclair flavours! How can they expect me to just choose one??

So I decided since it was Valentine’s day and all (plus I had left over batter) and since visiting Alix’s blog has brought back memories of Paris, I’d create some Paris inspired cupcakes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Boob Cupcakes...

It's been almost a year now since I first made the boob and stripper cupcake tower for my friend's 21st. The other day a friend of a friend saw them and ordered them for her friend.

This stripper was made from sugar so she had to sit down (the other one was made from clay). I also tried our a new 'face style' on her… I wanted to make eyes with a little bit more expression but I think the smile didn’t really suit her because when I finished I thought she looked a bit scary rather than sexy?

I didn’t get much time at all to take pictures… was so rushed this weekend :( but managed to snap a couple of shots...

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