Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cupcake on Cupcake Cake

I know I have said before that I like when clients give me creative freedom with my cakes... well, I have discovered that there is such a thing as too much creative freedom. Last week a super talented photographer friend of mine asked 'do you have time to make me and my friend a birthday cake?'

'Yes, what kind of cake would you like?' I asked.

'Just something simple. Surprise me'

??? Where was I supposed to start? What flavour? What design?
hmmm, my mind was racing everywhere thinking about all the possibilities!

After a few more questions, he became a little more specific, 'as long as there is no green or brown.... and pink'. He took away some of my favourite colours to work with - green and pink :(

So finally I decided to do something I've been thinking of for awhile now... a cupcake stack cake. I supposed this is not really 'simple' like he wanted but he did say to surprise him. I thought for ages about the colours for the cake.

I know there are a lot more colours out there other than green, pink and brown, but now that
I've been told I can't use them, I wanted to so badly! :P Plus, I also had to find colours that would suit both a male and female (he was sharing his birthday with a female friend)... so finally I decided on primary colours... red, yellow and blue, which ended up working out well :)

Cupcake on cupcake... it was chocolate mud with white chocolate Baileys ganache inside.

And on to something totally unrelated... I just wanted to give you all a
sneak peek of what I have been doing during the last couple of weeks...

I can't write about the details yet and am only able to post 1 or 2 photos but I loved the photos so much I had to share :) These were taken by Nick (above mentioned talented photographer friend :) ) with his super cool camera.


Jennifer Richins said...

The clown looks so great. And I love the topsy turvy cupcake cake. Great idea.

apparentlyjessy said...

Haha, cupcake on a cupcake cake! So inventive!! Looks fantastic.
I look forward to seeing what the cute clown cupcake is about!

FFichiban said...

Hee Hee that cake was awesommmeee!! So tasty and purdyy! But I think you should had used pink anyway :P You know he secretly loves pink ;)

Fefifofum said...

Cake was absolutely delicious! Super impressive too! Thank you!

clekitty said...

I love the cupcake on a cupcake cake! I love the creations that you are coming up with on this blog. Good work and keep it up! You've got great skills :)

betty said...

your cupcake stack is gorgeous!! well done :)

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