Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shoe and Box Cake

My first attempt at a sugar shoe and the 'shoe box'. This is for my cousin's birthday. The shoe was pretty easy to put together... the hard part was trying to make it realistic with the stitching...etc I suppose it's something that will get easier with practise.

The box was actually the hardest part... it was hard trying to get all the sides even and to make the cake look like a box. And becuase of the type of cake that was inside, it didnt hold it's shape very well. The cake inside was
a chocolate cherry cake brushed with cherry and cointreu and with chocolate and cherry buttercream, so you can see why the cake is pretty soft. It also had cherry pieces in the buttercream, so when i covered the cake in the icing, it was hard trying to get rid of all the lumps :(

I think it's best to stick with a plain flavoured cake when doing this kind of thing. oh well, i think it turned out decent for my first try :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Vote for my Mexican Chocolate Shots

Voting for Iron Cupcake: Earth is now open!

Please vote for my Mexican Chocolate Shots here:
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Thank you :)

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