Friday, October 3, 2008

My New Canon Powershot!

I got a new camera and it finally arrived this week!

I’ve been looking to get a better camera for a while now. I love my point and shoot, but I also wanted one that would allow me to do some manual stuff. I didn’t want to invest in an SLR because it is expensive. So I found the perfect match, the canon powershot SX100… I love it! and what a bargain, I only paid $240 for it brand new. I love how I can now play around with the settings and take more ‘professional’ photos :D
Eager to try my new baby out, yesterday I baked some cupcakes and started snapping away… Here are some of the pics from my lovely new canon powershot…

1 comment:

ankrish n rishank said...

wonderful, my mouth is watering

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