Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday Cupcake Tower

Made this cupcake stand for my friend's birthday (my first covered stand :) ). There are 25 cupcakes in total in 3 different flavours. Cosmo, Bailey's Bombshell and Strawberries and cream.

This is also my first cupcake stand! I made it following the instructions from Cake Journal. It's was pretty easy and lots of fun. I think i had more fun making it than baking the cupcakes :)


pinkbunny01 said...

This cake is adorable. The detail is fantastic. I love the girls sparkly dress and chanel purse. How crafty!!

MiNi Chef said...

wow i like it especially the chanel bag :)
how did u made the dress ??
great work

ashleyd! said...

did you use cake dummies or did you use something else? i'm trying to get out cheap!

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