Monday, October 8, 2007

White Chocolate Berry Mousse Cake

I made this cake during the weekend for a friend's BBQ. I found a recipe for chocolate mousse and thought that making it into a cake would be a nice change. But I wanted something light and not too rich, so i decided on white chocolate and berries.

It's a great spring/summer time cake. The layers of butter cake in between made it a bit more solid and the white chocolate mousse is a nice and light alternative to icing or cream. The white chocolate was a bit sweet at first but the berries evened it out nicely.

The outside is coated with pieces of hazelnut chocolate crisps and the whole cake is topped off with chocolate coated strawberries.

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Colleen Chi-Girl said...

This gives me a great idea for my daughter's graduation cake - I think I'll top a cheesecake with those strawberries. Thanks for great visuals - move to L.A.!

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